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A men like a bus!

Interlaced hands and interlaced feet, begets fate interlacement wrote Boris Pasternak. And what of such fate interlacement? One might say: Horoscope, others would refer to God and still others will shrug their shoulders but such thoughts would not occur to the one who had the thought! Fate, most often is set within ones self. For most people truth is not a requirement for particular efforts but it is the most evident part of the iceberg. The subconscious is where our true desires reside and thus our fate springs from it in part too.

Doctors Freud and Jung and a panoply of other psychoanalysts devoted to the disclosure of this lifetime notion, namely that the subconscious embroiders our fate by causing interesting tangles.

Frequently girls are concerned with the question: Whom shall I marry and will I like him too? Some say the institution of marriage is not the problem, it is just a ring holding a couple together and not anything particularly profound. This is essentially true since statistics prove that 80% of women, tested shortly after the marriage ceremony are suffering from temporary insanity! I suspect they have not thoroughly considered the consequences of their actions and marriage was a goal in a vacuum. I further believe that most are not pursuing this goal in order to create a family, rather they just want to get married! In the subconscious of many women a husband is awarded a preeminent position and assumed capable of maintaining the euphoria of love for a lifetime!. But as aging begins to rob us of some of our mental faculties, the surviving married couples wake up one day to discover that the euphoria has been missing for a long time.

But men are not as immune to emotional upset as they would have us believe. And if we consider that their upbringing was controlled by a strong-willed mother, their subconscious may have been sown with the concept that a strong sex drive is what women want. And the best of them believe this until they die! But when these men sense that their marriage is sliding downhill they may begin considering divorce. They become tired of the daily hassles that marriages can become subject to. But if they seek analysis before its too late, positive results are possible and perhaps a saved marriage will result. Thus their subconscious predisposition or fate does not become a foregone conclusion.

When one begins reflecting on their approaches to relationships and perceives that they wish to become subservient to the relationship — it may then become their fate. A man notices a woman and makes sure she knows. What happens? Energy and information exchange is an odd combination but men can explain. When a handsome man marries his down-trodden Cinderella she doesnt know what to say. All she can do is look at him in awe.

Without a doubt the positions of the planets influence us. When the moon is full we have trouble sleeping. When spring comes everyone seems to want to be in love! Venus, is the planet of love for every sign of the Zodiac. All of us are glamorous in its light and thus we all have the possibility of finding the love that will make us whole but the question remains, with whom? Any man in the crowd is a possibility but dont go overboard easily. Like a bus he may leave right after he arrives. Dont cry and dont pack your suitcases at the first glint of that once in a lifetime connection the one who will take you to wonderland and beyond. Sometimes what you think you want is not really what you need. The millionaire looks great from a distance but close up he wants to tie you up and control your every move. That is why hes a millionaire. But dont forget to pay attention to your appearance. Your arsenal should contain not only lipstick and jeans, but also gossamer wings and a gold lit halo? lets paint your destiny!

Valentina Wittrock
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