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Fire and Water (astrological types of men)

Women are always trying to understand men’s complicated nature. One of the aids to consider is Oriental tradition, which divides all of humanity into five elements, which helps us distinguish types of men into: Metal, Fire, Water, Tree and Earth. Each of these elements corresponds to a year in which someone was born. This is what each woman needs to know:

Metal Men have birth years with years that end in 0 and 1 (eg. 1950, 1951). They can be fathers and lovers and make good providers at the same time. Women who date them, think they are a good catch. However, they soon realize that these men are high flying, big headed and independent. Inside the sphere of the metal men lies the symbol of prosperity. Unfortunately, the price for such symbol is selfishness. Sometimes these men retreat into themselves and will have periods of depression. They need time to look inside themselves, to see life from an entirely different viewpoint. If a woman somehow captures the heart of one of these men, she better be intelligent, otherwise regardless of her beauty she will soon be a memory. 

Water Men have birth years that end with the numbers 2 and 3. Water Men use the old saying "wine, women and cards". These men will wine and dine them in order to reach their ultimate goal – sex. They fall in love easily, for them it’s like an eclipse, but the truth is — it is an illusion for them. They slip very easily between reality and fantasy and they sometimes cannot tell the two apart. These men are not the most outstanding in the moral department.  They find themselves free from conceptualism. The reason for this type of attitude is their fear of being alone. Marriage is not something they are usually very good at so many of them end in disaster. They need constant excitement and have a thirst for women. Women in relationship with these men — be wary! For if you swim with the Water Men you need to be a very good swimmer otherwise you are very likely to drown. It’s much simpler to walk on the Earth.

Earth Men are the most laid back of any of the symbols. Their birth years end in the numbers 8 and 9. To most, Earth Men seem lazy. That is because of their inner tranquility and the deep harmony within. Another reason for that is that their inner activities go at the same pace as the moment of the earth. Changes for these men are very dangerous. These men are not seekers of women. Women seem to stumble upon them as geologists stumble upon a new rock formation. When they marry it is usually for life. Only two things are important for them: stove and bed. Food, massage and sex – are the three keys to keep them. They find it very hard to even think about divorce. Their romantic side is much like the rocks that are their mainstay, it is this very trait that makes them good partners for marriage. They are like the earth — natural, sensible and will be there till the end. 

Tree Men are impersonators of life and humanistic principles.  Their birth years end in the numbers 4 and 5. They are usually very intellectual Pinocchio’s, who no one really needs. They are the ones you will find in picket lines, protesting or fighting for some unknown cause. These men prefer casual dating to permanent relationships. They tend to become good friends rather than permanent partners or lovers.  They are more interested in someone else falling in love. They have a tendency to introduce past lovers to present ones. They simply don't see the problem and cannot understand why these two women do not get along. Tree feeds fire elements.

Fire Men are the most volatile of the 5 elements. Their birth years are 6 and 7. These men enjoy games and action. They play with all kinds of hazards. The chase is more stimulating to them than the catch. This leads to failure in their private lives. They are so intent on the game playing, they forget all about the feelings of the other people they are involved with. They have large mood swings, but they don’t last long. They are impulsive and full of enthusiasm.  Because they are optimistic and romantic, women find them exciting to be around. Beware of the fire that burns hot and bright, for soon it will die down and you will be left with the ashes.

Valentina Wittrock
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