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The Elements of Beauty, interview in Beauty Handbook

Reported by Sofia Shershunovich
You may not realize it, but beauty and the ancient practice of feng shui go together like Johnson & Johnson. The Chinese art of feng shui isn't just for decorating (practioners use placement and arrangement of space to achieve harmony); believers apply it to everything from cooking to travel in order to bring wellbeing.

Applying feng shui principles is meant to bring your life into balance, ultimately affecting everything — from your career, to your relationships and health.

Literally, feng shui means "wind and water", which are considered to be two main life-sustainig elements on earth. There are five elements represented: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. Each element is directly correlated to specific sources of wellbeing. Metal is responsible for wealth and power. Water governs knowledge and cultivation. Wood represents creativity, energy and health. Fire is responsible for love, passion and assertiveness. Earth is linked to work and everyday activities.

In decorating these elements are often interpreted with accessoires such as houseplants, candles and fountains. In beauty, are represented by color. Here, with the help of expert Valentina Wittrock, we show you how to incorporate the pricnciples of feng shui into your routine.

The Element: EARTH

COLORS: Neutrals from the palest of clay, to terracota, brown and black.
HELPS ACHIEVE: Earth colors are the best shades to wear daily. They are known to aid in teamwork as the realization of individual career goals.
PHILOSOPHY: "Earth is the most neutral element. We all feel a certain connection to it, therefore its shades are the best colors for daily use," says Wittrock.
HOW TO WEAR IT: It's easy to incorporate Earth into your look-chances are already do! Flesh-tone shades of foundation and pressed powder fall into this category, along with cosmetic standards such as brown eyeliner/brow pencil, black or brown mascara of nail polish.

The Element: FIRE

COLORS: Fiery colors range from rose pink, to red, orange and burgundy.
HELPS ACHIEVE: Reds exude power, sexuality, love, and aggression. Wear fiery shades when you want to show your power, authority, and passion. Shades of pink and coral are feminine and romantic, reds and burgundy are more attention-grabbing and dramatic.
PHILOSOPHY: "Fire is a very dominating element. To call it powerfull would be an understatemnet," says Wittrock. "While wearing fiery shades, you will defineteky make a strong impact. Fire will help you achieve what you want and be sucesfull in the matters of love," she adds.
HOW TO WEAR IT: Crimson lipstick is an obvious choice for commanding attention. Look for rose-pink blush or furchsia gloss when you want to be flirty and romantic. Don't want to wear your "fire" on your face? The solution is right at your finger-tips: Choose a nail polish from the spectrum of fiery shades.

The Element WATER:

COLORS: Water includes the full range of blue, from deep purple to soft aqua.
HELPS ACHIEVE: Water shades are best when you want to absorb something such as knowledge, energym or positive vibes. Wear then when taking a clas, meeting with a person you admire or even going for a walk in the park.
PHILOSOPHY: "Water promotes cleansing, gracefull movement, and the ability to take in. When you are facing a day of learning, cleansing yourself of negative energy or improving your wellbeing, use the shades of blue in your makeup case," says Wittrock.
HOW TO WEAR IT: Incorporate the prperties of this element by adding a hint of the hue. For the office, opt for navy mascara instead of traditional black or brown. For evening, use a rich shade of shadow, like sapphire or a bright streak of cobalt eyeliner.

The Element: METAL

COLORS: This element encompases all metallic shades from the palest of platinum to chrome, including gold, silver, bronze and many metallic variations of color.
HELPS ACHIEVE: Wealth, authority and strength. Use a metallic palette when you want to ooze confidence. It's perfect for situations which require an upper hand, and when you want to be percived as a figure of authority.
PHILISOPHY: According to Wittrock, "In feng shui, metal is the life force that signifies strength ability, and statute. If these are qualifies you want, be sure to incorporate metal into your beauty routine."
HOW TO WEAR IT: One subtle way introduce metallic shades is with barely-there gold shadow. Look for a sheer version that will delicately hightlight your eyes. Or, try lining your lids with a steel-grey pencil right along the lashline. Opting for a sun-kissed look is also a great way to incorporate a hint of metal. Choose a bronzer waith a touch of shimmer and dust lightly along your chhekbones, nose and forehaed.

The Element WOOD:

COLORS: Think green — from forest to emeraid, jade and mint.
HELPS ACHIEVE: Green promotes calm, democracy, imagination and health. The hue also helps you maintain your energy throughout the day.
PHILOSOPHY: "Wood os closely related to nature in the tradition of feng shui. It is an off-spring of earth, so they have many similar qualities. Wood promotes natural remedies and peace," says Wittrock. "It is the best shade for when you need some inspiration, if you are not well or if you want to feel centered," she adds.
HOW TO WEAR IT: Update your look and substitute boring neutral shadows like beige and brown with mint and forest green. for an evening out, swap your charcoal liner with an emerald one.

a spray of feng shui

Want an atlernative way to wear feng shui? Spritz on your favorite 'element' fragrance — with the scent being a derivative of the element or the bottle representing the color. For example, a fragrance that includes green notes such as grasses and leaves represents Wood, as would one that's housed in a green bottle. According to Wittrock, eye color of packaging transfers its properties into clear or pale substances. You may realize you've been drawn to a certain fragrance on a particular day — perhaps now you have a whole new understanding of why.

Valentina Wittrock
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