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Mr. and Mrs. Smith - Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

What’s in the Stars for Hollywood’s Most Publicized Hookup:
Prediction by Astro-Psychologist Valentina Wittrock

In the old world, where people fought for love and life, an actor was nothing more than an entertainer. But times have changed. These days actors are idolized. They’ve become objects of obsession, adoration, and lust. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are such idols who have translated their relationship from the silver screen into real life. The irrational feeling has entered their lives despite Brad’s happy marriage to Hollywood’s girl next door, Jennifer Aniston, and Angelina’s passionate love for freedom. As if carried on from their recent movie, “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”, the feeling made them want to be together despite their somewhat extreme lives. Media quickly picked up on the story and soon the covers of all magazines began featuring Brad’s heartbreaking split from Jennifer, picturing sex pot Angelina as the home wrecker.

From an onlookers point of view the situation is a classic – a marriage has lived it’s course and Brad has found happiness with Angelina – a far more exciting, new partner. However their horoscopes leave a lot to be desired. This time there’s too much fire in Brad’s relationship, and not in a good way. It looks like Mr. & Mrs. Smith are going to break some dishes and almost certainly the furniture will get damaged along the way.
Angelina Jolie is a Gemini, born on June 4th 1975 at 9am in Los Angeles, California. Brad Pitt, a Sagittarius, was born in Shawnee, Oklahoma on December 18th 1963. Chinese horoscope states that both Angelina and Brad were born in the year of the Rabbit (otherwise known as Cat), with 12 years difference between them. Nevertheless her year belongs to the element of Wood, and his to Water. Wood needs water, however water is absorbed by wood…it’s essence is being sucked out by this element, just as Angelina will absorb Brads essence while he is satisfying his thirst.

In European astrology Gemini’s and Sagittarius’s definitely have magnetism. Nevertheless, despite the electricity such union involves a fight for authority. This is shown in their horoscopes by Angie’s Mars opposition to Brad’s Jupiter, the planet of authority and vision.

Even at a glance of Jolie’s horoscope, it’s obvious that this lady is more than capable of stirring trouble. Moreover she exudes the allure of a dangerous woman, which might have been the reason she was cast as fearless Lara Croft, wild child Gia, and a housewife/killing machine Mrs. Smith.

Her rising sign is in the 12th degree of Leo, which shows her elegance and ability to keep distance. However, a series of planets in Aries suggests an Amazonian characteristic when it comes to personal affairs. Despite the certain adventurousness and predilection for travel of both, Angelina’s Mars, as a slow-acting mine, will blow up Brad’s outlook and severely strike his ambitions.

But we have to give due to this Hollywood vixen: Brads sun is in Angelina’s house of love, which means she really is in love with her Mr. Smith. However it is doubtful that her feelings will last. In fact flirtatious Gemini’s are quickly disappointed in their objects of lust. Perhaps that could explain two broken marriages which have been replaced by the need to adopt children to build a family on unrequited love.

Her Venus, the planet of love and family life, is in Cancer – the sign of motherhood. But at the same time there is a presence of Saturn, which is the planet of restrictions and partners who are significantly more mature (Billy Bob Thornton was 20 years her senior).

Unfortunately her Venus speaks of sorrow and bad luck. At the same time this planet is being supported by Black Moon, which shows many broken unions.

Angelina’s ex-husbands – Johnny Lee Miller (Scorpio) and a Billy Bob Thornton (Leo), are rather overpowering emotionally and sexually. She was attracted to her Leo’s energy and unorthodox nature. Angelina’s horoscope includes degrees that point to her attraction to eccentric sexual encounters and basic lust, as well as confusion of good with evil.

Her Black Moon is in Pieces, in the house of sex and extreme situations, which alludes to masochism and enormous sex appeal (almost as much as Marylyn Monroe's, who was also a Gemini). Strong Mars in Aries in connection with the Moon talks about specific untraditional manner of intimate relations, it is located in the degree of the unexpected contingency, connected with love.

Mars (sex) and Venus (love) conflict with each other, which indicates constant internal discomfort and sexual dissatisfaction, making her indecisive, depressed and longing for adventure.

How’s Brad doing in matters of love? His planets, Mars and Venus, are almost in connection. Between them is wedged a sober-minded Mercury, which lets him feel pretty comfortable without any primal sexual encounters. He’s more likely comfortable with a respected female partner, sex with whom must not be a burdensome occupation.

The characteristics of planets confirm this: Mars, in the royal degree, aids grave figures. Venus, in the Capricorn suggests luck, nature, immaturity, and an “easy come easy go” attitude. But the planet of limitations, Saturn, is located in the sign of Aquarius, the sign of his former wife, which means the break-up of their relationship was inevitable, Angelina or no Angelina.

What does Angelina want from Brad? Indeed, not only physiology draws the attention of the experimenting sign that is Gemini. The accumulation of planets in Capricorn in the horoscope of Brad speak of his skillfully used charm and connections. He knows how to network, to aid people on their way, or to find work. Perhaps the future prospects of her fianc? attract ambitious Angelina. After all, he gives her the confidence of having a long Hollywood career by his side.

Almost as in the film "Mr. & Mrs. Smith", he’s impressed by her strength and ability to create an image of a trustworthy woman. His Venus and Moon are in Capricorn — precisely this type of female attracts him — arrogant, pragmatic, cold and caste, an image of a woman firmly sitting on her throne.

Being infatuated with Angelina, he is most likely attracted to her persona, the role which she plays in life; the magnanimous mother of her family. However, at present, the essence of Angie has not yet been completely revealed to Brad.

The stereotype of the American family is guiding Brad’s Sagittarius nature accordingly: “they lived a long and happy life, and died on the same day”.

Naive are the men in love as love itself is naive.

Valentina Wittrock
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