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"A Rug of Leafs Covered the Path of the Virgin" (astrological forecast for October 2008)

October is always a beautiful month because in the Aramaic month of Tishrei the sign of Libra is ruled by Venus. This planet is so blindingly bright that it blurs the line between darkness and light. The symbol of Libra — chalice, represents justice and balance. Balance between good and evil.

This October Mercury is in retrograde half of the month, so there will be some issues with maintaining that balance. October 2nd is expected to bring some tension between planets: Venus and Moon will be in Scorpion which wont bring much relief to romantic relationships. Mars the planet of war will be in a very hostile sign of Scorpion from October 5th. This will affect not only Scorpions themselves but the rest of us also. Dont expect any harmony this month, its all about passion, revenge, and the foolishness of love. Full moon on the 14th will raise all the stewed up feelings that were kept on the inside and clean up all the left over tension just like the beach is clean after a tsunami. Second part of the month will encourage pondering and restoring the order after the cosmic chaos. After 19th Venus will enter Sagittarius which improves the status of romantic relationships. However on 24th Sun will enter Scorpio which will cause another stir.

This month will be spend fighting for balance with everyone around you, but especially ones closest to you. Your sign often feels unsure, and your strength in disagreements is weighing in each opinion from both sides assuming both are just as important can also be your weakness. Youre paralyzed by fear of making a mistake or a wrong choice. For Libras, everything including love, is a reason for a lengthy thought process. Youre overly rational and always find a coherent explanation for your doubts. You slip away from conflict and confrontation, avoid responsibility, and refuse to deal with your issues. Pride is preventing you from making a decision that may be a wrong move resulting in delays in solving anything. You believe in your own intellectual abilities and desperately need to understand the truth. However you fail to see that sometimes the truth is beyond our understanding. In October the best thing to do is breathe the autumn air, and think about the meaning of life as life its self and nothing more.

Critical Days:
Moon in Scorpio from 1st 3rd equals unwanted pregnancies and nuptials
14th full Moon in Aries results in accounting mistakes
21st 23rd day of Moon
28th new Moon brings low energy levels

Atomic winter of your feelings, and running into the border control of the spiritual world define this months prediction. For those who love to drive fast, speeding is not recommended, you may face saddening consequences in court. Young Ariesses will face a surprising admirer thats been lurking around the corner. However, it looks like you wont be interested. This month Aries will have to use their intuition. If you dont have any ask someone wise for their opinion. After 19th you will receive some good news from afar. On the whole the end of the month will finally turn in your favor.


From the 5th Mars will plant itself in the House of Partnership and will do everything to ruin your peaceful state and force you to tear down the Berlin Walls of your relationships. Switzerland and Sweden belong to the sign of Taurus. These countries have always been peaceful and never strayed from their neutral status. The same very actions are alike with a Taurus in a marriage unless their partner causes the rift, the Taurus will always be the one to maintain unity. They rarely initiate arguments plainly because they are content in their being. If you are a Taurus spend October organizing. Everything needs to be in order work, health etc. Before the 14th there is a possibility of running into old flames.

Almost the entire month is in line with Sun moving through the House of Love and Pleasure. This is something worth focusing on. In addition, Mercury is going to be in Retrograde once again, which means difficulties in communications, your information sources may be twisting the stories before telling them. Now that you know about Mercury Retrograde you can plan your information rest ahead avoid the News, papers, and internet. Instead this time can be spent on unfinished business, and getting things on the bottom of your To Do list out of the way, it will make you feel more accomplished to have a shorter To Do list. In October Mars and Venus are moving into the sign of Scorpio which will remind Geminis about importance of time on hand. Some of you should get routine doctor check-ups taken care of. The young Twins, however, may find some romance at work. The last week of October will remind you about work which will inevitably need to be completed or at least organized. Your surroundings as well as your inner peace will need to be checked in order as well.

Homemaking, parenting, and property will be your focus this month. Mercury is in retrograde in October, which means its time to wrap up your plans until the 15th. During this time you can meet old friends and enjoy rendezvous. From the 24th the time of children, love, and creativity will usher in. Actually, children are already a result of our creativity, however, since Mars will be passing through our House of Love from 17th 19th, harmony and romance are not to be expected, and creativity will have a faint scent of dynamite.

Socializing is the general prediction for October. However, until the 14th when Mercury stops retrograding all this interacting may bring some misunderstandings and tension. Dont build any major plans, no major purchases either. It does look like you will be shopping for some interior de'cor however. Your home will undergo some major changes, Leos love redecorating, and its a perfectly acceptable time for such projects. The temptation to break down walls will be strong, but you must resist and channel your frustrations somewhere less explosive like sports.

Trust the power greater than you otherwise mistakes are inevitable. No wonder people say if God wants to punish someone he takes away their brains. It will be hard for you to think until the 15th. Dont make any decisions or sign any agreements. October is full of misleading information, mistakes in agreements, arguments with neighbors and relatives etc. However, this October will have a good phase collecting the dividends and harvest of your labor.

Until 15th of October, even with all your charm and genius, Libras will have to just sit and wait for the storm to pass. Spend this time celebrating birthdays with old friends and loved ones and not getting into anything business related. Libras are missing the logical gene, so take your revenge in the second part of the month. Money will start slowly filling your pockets post mid-October.

You wont like October. Its connected to the mechanism of inner burn-out. Spend this time cleansing yourself and your habitat in solidarity. This is the time of the caterpillar. Find your cocoon and meditate. Although Venus is gliding through your sign, Mars is also keeping her company meaning any romantic experiences will be accompanied by smoke. And where theres smoketheres fire. From the 24th caterpillar will become the butterfly. Your birthday celebrations will show everyone what a magical, and immortal Sphinx you really are.

From the 2nd of October Black Moon thats going through your sign will be in conflict with two angry planets Saturn and Uranus. Your personal life may experience a sudden and difficult situation. Be careful driving. Venus in Scorpio may cause issues in the love-family front. Some hidden feelings may come into effect. Mercury Retrograde will not give any clarity till the 15th. The only happiness this October comes from friends from the past which will appear in the first part of the month.

October is the month of rising to the occasion and showing your potential at work. However, even with the help of Jupiter, this month will bring delays, tests of strengths, and a lot of confusion on the whole. Only salvation is friends and lovers. The best skin this month is a chameleon. Blend in and dont draw any attention to yourself till the 15th. After 2 weeks you will resume your climb up the corporate ladder. You will be lucky this year, at the end of the month you will receive some support and understanding as well as find new admirers and friends.

The Sun is entering a relative sign of Libra, allowing you to travel. But dont pack your bags yet, troublemaker Mercury is in retrograde till the 15th which will put sticks in your wheels. Cest la vie! Relax and pretend youre on vacation in your back yard. From the 5th Mars enters the House of Career. Avoid your boss at all cost. Execute lessons from Office Space and leave early on Friday thus to avoid your superior asking you to work on Saturday. From 19th Venus will enter the House of Friends and someone attractive will entice you Aquamen and women into a place where there are no unreasonable bosses or unruly fax machines.

The difficult period of extreme situations has began. Pisces will enter the evil circle with no way out. Its Mercury retrograde which will torment everyone until the 15th. This month Pisces will resemble salmon which swims against the stream to certain death. The irrational will always prevail with your sign, so explaining the phenomena of self sacrifice is impossible in plain English. Take some friendly advice and dont dig your own grave, this too shall two weeks.

Valentina Wittrock
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