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"Warm Beer - Cold Women" (types of Cold Women)

During our lifetime we will experience many different things. With these experiences will come disillusions, pain and incorrigible mistakes. One smart man commented that to get married is to gamble away part of your life. All marriages start with a beautiful, romantic relationship, but it soon loses its luster in the mundane daily job of living. This is where man should look to astrology, to prevent falling into that trap. After all, no man wants to live with a cold woman. That would be like drinking a warm beer on a hot day.

From astrologys point of view, most women have some kind of gradation. We will try to explain this using a few paradoxes as examples. The coldest symbols are air elements such as Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. These foxy women become angels of sex in the eyes of society. Remember Marilyn Monroe? Her sex appeal was universal. Both genders thought she was very sexy, but in reality she was quite miserable. Nothing seemed to satisfy her. The air symbols mentality is to be calculating and to analyze everything. They get excited knowing what their sex appeal can get for them. And because they are intellectual, they make themselves artificially sexual in order to meet their needs and get what they want. From all outward appearances they are very sexual, but in reality they are not. Brigitte Bardot, the French sex kitten, is another example of an air symbol. She was a Libra and preferred to spend her life in the company of cats rather than men. Another Libra, the actress Catherine Zeta Jones, is married and plays the part of the wife very well, although she too is artificially sexual. And this brings us to Aquarius. They are rather avant-garde in their approach to sex. They experiment and will try just about anything. They fall in love easily, but beware -.their love is fleeting. It is gone as quickly as a sneeze. They know many things about love, and after trying different things and various experiments they will eventually marry. Any man married to an air woman had best be on guard. From a hot steamy relationship in the beginning to the reality of their false womanhood and then nothing.

Virgo is another sign that can have cold women as well. They are sterile ampoules (Sophia Loren) that want to be at the top of the social ladder and they are willing to trade sex for this all important status position. They are a bit like Geminis in their flirting, teasing ways. It is much the same as with the paradox we gave earlier using Marilyn Monroe. And, of course, you have to look no further than Jackie Kennedy and how she disappointed the old Greek billionaire, Aristotle Onassis.

The energy of the earth symbols is Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn. These signs create families and financial pyramids. Capricorn women have little natural sex appeal but try to show that they do. Nicole Kidman is an example. In the film Moulin Rouge, she essentially played herself. Capricorns would rather sleep than have sex — during the light of the day. (is this during the light of the day alluding to sleeping?) They are thinking of how to make money and they rationalize that sex is a form or earnings. Statistics say that Capricorn women quite often own brothels. They feel quite comfortable dealing in the flesh, just as long as they are making money doing it.

Taurus women (Cher) are perhaps the best of the lot. They rely on healthy sex and usually they do not experience any problems with it. They can have sex every day and it is no problem for them. The reason is they dont have any emotional ties to their partners so they dont have to worry about the baggage that comes along with being attached. They enjoy sex just of the fun of it.

And then there are the Pisces women. Such quiet, angelic faces, almost virgin- like in their appearance. There is a very good reason for this. Traditionally, they are quite frigid. However, in the ocean of love, there are few sharks swimming around. Liz Taylor would be one of these sharks. She is a Pisces, but she has her moon in Scorpio.

Fire symbols, such as Aries, Leo and Sagittarius have a hard time staying cold. Just like active volcanoes, they erupt in passion. But after the eruption, the volcano soon turns to cold stone. It is said that Aries women are very sexy, but its not really true. They are selfish and egocentric are hard to live with and usually end up living alone. Men soon tire of the capriciousness of these ladies. When they want something, they want it NOW — plain and simple. The lion women of Leo prefer to wait for their knight in shining armor to arrive at their doorstep. The favorite sport of Leo is to lie on the sofa or couch to meditate. Of course there are always exceptions. Leo is also a hunter and we can see this in someone like Madonna. For Water signs, such as Pisces and Scorpio, life is love. But for many Pisces women her love is an illusion and she can be delusional in her love. Also some Pisces women tend to be a bit masochistic. Cancer women are charming and very shy, but not Pamela Anderson. Her chart reveals many planets in Leo. Women like her are very feminine and think men are cruel beasts. A very high percentage of lonely women are Cancers.

Water signs love love. They thirst for love, especially Scorpios. Their appearance may be a bit on the puritanical side, wearing long and boring dresses. Julia Roberts is a Scorpio. Scorpios think about everything, from death to sex. So be warned that before you enter the bedroom of a Scorpio woman, read the fine print. She will be dynamite in bed, but before she seduces you she will have your entire life planned out for you.

The French are the creators of love. They often say: look out for women. Irrationality rules the world, women too

Valentina Wittrock
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