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To tamper with your own future is rather tempting but more importantly possible!

To manipulate with your own future can be very attractive. Ancient and very full knowledge of Avestian-Indian astrology, modern untraditional psychoanalysis and old tradition of Feng Shui will open for you secrets of happiness and success. Individual horoscope completed by Valentina Wittrock will give you information about your fate (its past and present) and may help to make it better in the future. Individual horoscope, created by a professional on the system of Indian astrologers, unlike dead computer programs will give you more detailed information about:
  • Finances and individuals who can help you to acquire success
  • More suitable partners in personal as well as professional life
  • Sensitive areas of your body, health problems and diagnostics and prevention of diseases
  • Love relationships, family, marriages, their quantity and quality
  • Full information about your children, your relationship with them and their prospects
  • Your hidden talents
  • Travel, immigration and education, career

  • Dangerous moments, accidents and how to escape them (with specific dates and times)
  • Fateful years and dates

It is possible to build a horoscope of psychological profiles for you or individuals who may interest you and how you may influence them. Believe in yourself!

To build your horoscope I will require details such as your; date and year of birth, time and place of birth.

If you would like a deep testing of yourself or someone you're interested in (every bit of the character, their views on relationships, friendship, sex and career) please send a high-resolution photo of the person you wish to test.

Kings always kept courtier astrologers, who helped them with not only domestic issues but also gave an advise on running the country.

Astrology enters the system of Chinese magic of Feng-Shui. Systemization in the Feng-Shui manner will bring vital energies to your home. Chinese say, You cant change your destiny but you can improve its quality.

I would be happy to consult with you over the phone: (320) 363-7824 or by e-mail:
Non-astronomical prices

With love, Valentina

Valentina Wittrock
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