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How much do you know about the horoscope?

It is often met in the ways of mass information, although in reality it is just a prediction. So what is the difference between the horoscope and prediction? Huge! Prediction is usually calculated for the star sign without taking into account a person. Information for prediction is gathered only out of movements of the Sun and the Moon, whether horoscope includes 14 planets and a large amount of stars, and also relies on the exact time and place of birth of an individual. Horoscope can never be repeated, this tells about individuality of every person, fates can be similar, but never the same, even for twins which are born 4 minutes apart from each other.

The star sign circle is divided into 12 parts, they are called houses, which hold very important information for the person that is born at the time of a certain house.
  1. looks and personality, talents

  2. finances, meals, surroundings

  3. relationship with relatives, brothers and sisters, contacts, short-term travel, first education, writing

  4. parents, karma of the family, home, end of life

  5. love, children, pregnancy, creation, those we love

  6. illnesses, routine work, servants, college education

  7. partners, marriage, public recognition, trial

  8. extreme situations, passion, sex, suffering, being killed, collective money

  9. higher education, travels abroad, emigration, relationship with relatives, adopted children and grand children

  10. career, glory, professionalism, work related to higher education

  11. friends, people who love us, public organizations, fight for freedom

  12. hospital, prison, secret organizations, psychic, psychological problems, limits

Apart from this, everybody knows that planets move, coming in to one or the other house of the horoscope. By this way they correct life of the person depending on their personality (planets are alive and thinking objects). Modern scientific findings support influence of the Sun and the Moon on the person, his health and work. With the same success Mars, Saturn, Venus and other planets of Sun system and faraway stars also influence a person.

Cosmic passport of a person (horoscope) is a document given to a person as a carrier of a certain mission (everyone has its own mission, which has to be accomplished). The key to opening the program of a person is found in a science called Astrology. It is a system of relationship between Cosmos, Earth, and a Human. Its principals are universal and can be used for every occasion, and our ancestors knew it. By using our closest neighbor, the Moon, it is possible to manipulate the daily routine. For example:

Moon in Aries — you can contact government agents; if the Moon is rising it is good for doing business. Head and mouth surgeries, cutting hair is prohibited these days. It is recommended to clean your kidneys. Moon in Taurus — employment, start of new projects, buying a house, moving houses, exchange, buying clothes, going to beauty salons and hairdressers, training of animals, dentist and surgeries on sex organs. It is prohibited influence on the organs of endocrine system (endocrinal glands).

Moon in Gemini — signing contracts, business, start of study, becoming a member of a club, writing letters, parties, teaching and editing profession, short-term travels. These days are bad for lungs, arms, and shoulders, recommended to clean your liver.

Moon in Cancer — buying antiques, advertising and public speeches, weddings, travel abroad and by sea. Bad times for stomach; prohibited all the operations on a bio energetic level.

Moon in Leo — business, finding employment, buying a car, can take a loan, especially on an old Moon. In these days a person is prone to back aches and you should use your energy economically. It is recommended to take care of your nervous system.

Moon in Virgo — fighting with bad habits, diets, good time to clean up your organism by not eating anything, but only during the first Moon days. Good days for cleaning liver and blood and also taking care of skin problems, sensitive stomach.

Moon in Libra — meetings with partners, social dos, and engagements, buying beautiful things. These days are good for plastic surgery, losing weight, but very important to take care of kidneys and pancreas.

Moon in Scorpio — checking out things, signing documents, putting money into bank. Do not start any travel; do not have sex, because during these days sex organs are prone to health problems, not a good time for getting pregnant.

Moon in Sagittarius — go traveling, sell and buy, perfect your knowledge of something, go to dentist, lose weight, buy animals. Prohibited donor operations.

Moon in Capricorn — buying property, investments, solving problems concerning your career; danger of breaking a bone. Prohibited all the dental and spine surgeries. Good time for enjoying your food.

Moon in Aquarius — all the hairdresser's experiments, permanent color, tattoo. Sewing clothes, meeting up with friends and contacts with public organizations, alternative medicine. Bad days for operations on eyes and joints.

Moon in Pisces — buying perfumes, weddings, meditations, predictions. Not recommended operations on legs and sensitive skin.

That's just the Moon, it isn't only responsible for the tides but also our blood pressure, our ability to get pregnant and give birth, emotional reaction and being able to predict. It is our irrational beginning, our soul. So who is responsible for our spirit? Of course it is the Sun, it's our 'I', our personality, our financial status.

If the Moon fills us up with liquid, the Sun makes every liquid in our bodies move. Sun is the heart, which works like clockwork. While we're on the subject of the time, it is worth mentioning that Saturn controls it. This planet reminds us about being concrete and strict. It dictates shortage of time and that we have to keep a schedule. If we try to live without rules Saturn will punish us by limiting our freedom, by leaving us hospitalized or even imprisoned (if it says so in an individuals horoscope). Old peoples fears and death is also connected with Saturn.

Greek mythology teaches us about the love of Venus and Mars, they play the same role in the horoscope. These are the planets of love and sex. If Venus is responsible for harmony, beauty and taste then Mars is for impulse, desire, ambition and activity. Mars is a start of a man and if it is powerful in the chart then a man would be aggressive, would often have infectious illnesses with high temperature, burns, cuts, surgeries and wars.

The so-called higher planets-Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Proserpine usually make themselves shown in the government, in a chart of a countryman they wouldn't necessary show. These are the planets of the higher possibility of a person they would probably show themselves in the future.

We are on the border of a new era, standing before the doors of the time of Aquarius, which would be ruled by Uranus, planet of foreseeing and communicating with other worlds: teleporting, telekinesis, creating new virtual realities. At present our abilities are only 5% active, we often don't realize what will happen tomorrow.

All the planets in the horoscope have certain relationships, just like we do. For instance if Venus and Mars aren't friends in the horoscope a person would be dissatisfied and unsuccessful in his or her search for their ideal partner. These people suffer a lot of disappointment in life. Just like in our organism, if a heart (Sun) is not friendly with the arteries (Saturn) the person will experience heart problems. Ancient astrology books proclaim that conflicts between planets in someone's horoscope never result in anything good. For example the conflict between the Moon and the Sun points out a short life, nowadays that the medicine is of a high standard and life expectancy is higher, this conflict usually points out the fight between the conscious and the unconscious.

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Valentina Wittrock
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