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Valentina Wittrock

A professional astrologer from 1991. Before moving to the USA, she was the head of the analytical departament of Kyiv Administration. She was also an imagemaker of some politicans in the elections. She works with psychoanalysis, Feng Shui, Yoga, Parapsychology and Cabbala and Synthes's of different astrological Schools.

Her works are published in different ukranians newspapers, like "AiF", national newspaper "Ukranian's word", "Kievskie vedomosti", "Vechernie Vesti" (sponsored by Julia Timoshenko); she had her own column "Astropsychology" in the newspaper "Russian America" (USA), in russian-speaking newspapers "Nothern lights" (Minnesota), "Evening" (Pennsylvania), "Contact" (California), "Contour" (Florida), "Health" (Canada). She is also an expert of such english-speaking newspapers "Beauty", "California Psychics", "Item".

Now Valentina Wittrock lives and works in the USA, Minnesota. She has her own weekly programm "Ask the atrologer" at NY broadcasting "Hope".

Valentina Wittrock is a famous astrologer, expert in Feng Shui and psychoanalysis's and Reiki Master (Certificate).

Contact Valentina Wittrock here.

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